Are you married,in a civil partnership or single? Perhaps you’re living with someone. If you have minor children, who will look after them? Do they live locally, with sufficient time and energy to do the job? Do you have any preferences regarding how they will be brought up?

Long Term Care Planning

It makes sense to plan in advance. One option is to have a Property Trust written into your will. This allows you to put your share of the property into a trust for the benefit of your children…

Lasting Power of Attourney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is (ideally) recommended for everyone, but it’s usually considered an imperative when mental incapacity is a potential outcome (for elderly or ill relatives)…


Dealing with the practicalities of a loved one’s death can be confusing at what is a distressing time…


If you want to make sure the right person looks after your pets when you pass away or you are worried about what will happen to your pets

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Often a Will is not read until after the funeral so remember to let someone know about your preference…

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