Who Will Look After My Pets?

You would definitely want the right people to look after your pets when you pass away. If you can’t think of anyone who fits the bill then consider the RSPCA’s “Home for Life” scheme which ensures that your pets have loving homes after you have gone. The details are available on their website   http://www.rspca.org.uk/whatwedo/homeforlife   This scheme offers more than just a re-homing service for pets after the death of their owner: it offers peace of mind.

If you’ve already made a will but you’d like to make amendments to take into account your pet, you could consider making a codicil. This takes into account changes that you’d like to make without the need to have the will re-written.

What arrangements do I need to make?

At Hampshire wills and trusts, we can draft a will that takes these important points into consideration. You will probably want to leave your pet to the person you know who is willing and able to offer a loving home. It is a good idea if possible to make financial provision for their upkeep, unless whoever you have in mind is prepared to meet the costs themselves. We can advise on how best to achieve this through appropriately drafted clauses in your will.

Just remember that it may be a good idea to tell the people concerned……………….even at the risk of spoiling the surprise.