Pre-paid Funeral Plans

When making a Will, as part of the instruction you will be asked if you would like to express a desire for either burial or cremation. If you have given a wish, this appears in the ‘Funeral Directions’ section of your Will.

Often a Will is not read until after the funeral so remember to let someone know about your preference. Any life insurance policies are often best placed into a suitable trust to avoid probate delays. Keep policy documents with your will,it can save a lot of time and avoid having to tear the house apart looking for the paperwork.

Some people like to cover funeral expenses by paying in advance through an appropriate funeral plan. The average cost of a funeral has almost doubled in the past 10 years and is projected to rise to over £6,000 in 2022. (Source: Mintel Funerals)

As everyone’s needs are different, Hampshire Wills and Trusts work with Golden Leaves Funeral Plans, COOP and Safe Hands to offer a comprehensive range of pre-paid or pay monthly funeral plans to suit your budget.

This can secure not only your own peace of mind but also reassure your executor(s) & family about your preferences at an emotional and distressing time. 

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